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In Australia there is a very good medicine service, with competent doctors who write many prescriptions for wonserful medicines. These medicines save many people's lives.

When a young man loses his mother or his sister dies very young, he may decide to become a doctor, because he wants to help people live.


But sometimes, doctors only look at simptoms, without thinking about the underlying causes of illnes. Unfortunately, just giving the patient medication is not good, because it is chemical, not natural.

The big pharmaceutical companies are only thinking about money and not health, so they want to sell as much product as possible. When doctors are trained, they learn a lot of informations, but not enough about promoting healthy lifestyles.

But some people know that if you take a lot of medicines, your bodybe comes full of chemicals. What is good for one organ in the body is not necessarily good for other parts of the body.. These chemicals stay in the body for a very long time. When people do vigorous exercise or get very hot, some chemicals are released from the body ( trough sweating ), but others are circulated throughout the body and go to the brain. If the brain has previously made a connection between the medication and an earlier pain, the presence of the chemical in the brain can trigger a pain response, even if there's actually nothing wrong.

I really want doctors to change their thinking, so that they first consider natural approaches, rather than going to medication as a first step.

I also want people to be more pro-active in managining their health, leading more healthy lifestyles so that they can see the benefits of a healthy body and mind. As well as having a healthy diet and regular exercise, they may need to take vitamin supplements to maintain their health. However, some vitamins are not so effective: for example, sometimes if vitamins are taken in tablet or capsule form, only about 30% of the vitamin absorbed by the body. I would recommend that people only take natural vitamins that can be mixed with water to make a very nice drink!

Unique position

Patented products with noticeable benefits.

All of us are striving for a life with sustained power into advanced age. We want to look good and appreciate a youthful and natural appearance. PM-International’s products address exactly these basic needs. In doing so, they exhibit immediately recognizable effects and offer lasting benefits.

The basis for such product characteristics is scientific research which is turned into patented solutions and made available by the very latest technology. For example, the unique Nutrient Transport Concept FitLine NTC ensures that active substances are absorbed by the body up to ten times faster and better and as as result, work more effectively. Manufacturing according to the strict, pharmaceutical GMP standard guarantees complete purity and so uncompromising levels of quality.

In other words: products from PM-International are based upon proven scientific discoveries and show noticeable effects that are above reproach.

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